Tax consulting

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It is no secret that an accountant is generally considered as the best possible address for legal and correct tax planning in order to save tax for every business, company or individual.

Nevertheless, the work of a tax consultant requires a wide knowledge of the local and international tax laws. High creativity and analytical ability, combined with a deep and thorough knowledge of the client and his personal and business characteristics.

In the Israeli tax environment, with its many reforms, which constantly change, and with the changes in the global economic landscape, our Firm excels, inter alia, with its efforts and success to foresee changes in the Israeli tax system and to provide our clients with  wide ranging and imaginative services, with a view to providing a response to his complex and unique requirements.

The Tax Department in our Firm, and the team of partners in particular, are proud of the decades of know-how and experience during which we provided consulting services and tax planning to a long list of clients of all types and sizes, to their full satisfaction.

In an era in which every agora leaving a person’s pocket is important, and on the other hand there are strong feelings opposing aggressive and unethical tax planning from the social aspect, it is important to carry out the tax planning for the client wisely and intelligently.

The Tax Department in the Firm knows how to propose in the best possible way for client according to needs and environmental characteristics prevailing today in the local economy in particular and in the international field in general.

We offer our services in those cases where full and comprehensive representation with the Tax Authorities is required, accompanying various transactions and business operations, requesting the Tax Authorities to obtain a pre-ruling, consulting regarding the application of the encouragement laws and government benefits, taxation of trusts, due diligences and more.

In addition, our Firm offers its services in everything relating to submitting applications to the Investment Center and the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economics, in order to obtain tax benefits in the framework of the Law for the Encouragement of Capital Investments and various financial grants.

High-tech companies, industrial companies and manufacturing companies in general, which export their products abroad, are invited to contact us to examine their entitlement to the tax benefits and/or grants.

The Department specializes in everything connected with income tax, value added tax, Nation al insurance, land tax and more.

It should be emphasized that we offer our services both in the business and company field and in the individual’s field (including submitting tax returns for individuals).