Qualified payroll examination

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The world of labor laws in Israel has become more sophisticated and very complex in recent years.  Frequently new laws and regulations are added to a range of fields of branches in the economy, which are intended to protect workers against any harm to their rights as employees.

In this context, the law has been legislated to increase enforcement of the Labor Laws – 2011, which is intended to strengthen and make the enforcement of the labor laws more efficient for all employees in the economy, and in particular regarding the rights of contractors’ employees working in the field of cleaning, security and guards, through manpower contractors, while imposing civil and criminal sanctions on the direct employers and those ordering the service.

As a result of publishing the Law, administrative enforcement was increased through imposing financial sanctions, in addition to criminal and civil enforcement, and the imposition of responsibility also to the party ordering the service, not only to the direct employer (contracting company). The sanctions will apply to senior managers of the direct employer and the party ordering the service, so that an examination of the wages is a protective mechanism for them.

The wage examiner is required to have considerable knowhow in the field and processes of work required, including making periodic examinations, enquiries, investigations, supervision and control over payroll accounting, labor laws, collective agreements, employee rights, payroll systems and the ethical rules required

Our Firm provides payroll examination services based on considerable knowhow and experience in the field, and in particular, everything relating to controls in all fields of wages, labor agreements, social benefits and contractor employee rights, and provides additional control services, current consulting and training on the subject of examining payrolls in general.