Accompanying businesses and strategic planning

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For a good reason many of the managers of large and successful companies in Israel and globally, are qualified accountants. It seems that there is a significant change in perception regarding qualified accountants, who have changed from a conservative and “grey” professional, to creative and imaginative managers. A modern qualified accountant has considerable understanding of the characteristics of businesses and markets on all levels, and management and strategic perception together with high financial and accounting skills, which place him at the head of the optimal professionals to correctly manage and operate a business.

In view of this, together with him being a tax planner, the qualified accountant today is also the main and most important consultant for a business in the fields of strategy and finance.

Our Firm combines economic and accounting knowhow of a high level with a wealth of business and management experience. Our object is to complete the client’s knowhow and means and provide an added value, in order to assist him to achieve his business targets, to ensure correct management of the business and to assist in moving it forward.

The Department provides the following services: Business consulting, strategic planning, preparing positive cash flows, business accompaniment, due diligence for purchasers and sellers of assets and companies, writing business plans, project feasibility studies, company evaluations, costing systems, preparing budgets, access to various data bases, examinations and requests for credit – negotiations with banks.