Preparation Of Financial Statements

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Together with the auditing work, our Firm generally prepares the financial statements, believing that financial statements are a most important management tool, in order to examine the businesses operations and progress over the year. In order to efficiently carry out this task, the Firm works according to the following stages:

  • Knowledge of the company and all its characteristics and business environment.
  • Coordinating expectations of managers and shareholders.
  • Obtaining a trial balance and details required for the cutoff date.
  • Preparation of cash flows.
  • Preparation of details and groups of accounts for the financial statements.
  • Printing financial statements including a note on accounting policies and notes according to the company’s requirements.
  • Submitting the statements for pursual by the company, including providing current responses to questions of the company’s managers
  • When necessary, making updates to the financial statements on the request of the company and its managers.