Payroll Accounting And Bookkeeping

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There are those who say that good quality bookkeeping is a solid and essential basis for every business and all types of activities, and in the absence of this, the functioning and control of a business and its financial activities will suffer. Our Firm believes in this concept, and uses our best efforts to provide and emphasize to all our clients the importance and necessity of good and quality bookkeeping for the business.

Our firm thinks that the handling of sensitive subjects for every business, such as the preparation of wage slips for employees, ensuring correct documentation of current revenues and expenses and reporting and managing contacts with the various tax authorities, requires a skilled and quality team to carry out these tasks for the client.

The Bookkeeping Department in our Firm includes an experienced and skilled team. Apart from their high professional ability they have excellent interpersonal relations and communications and provide a top service.

The services of the Bookkeeping Department include, inter alia:

  • Payroll accounting
  • Keeping books and contacts with clients, suppliers, banks, credit companies, insurance companies, etc.
  • Recording and reconciling all financial transactions of the business, including recording inventory.
  • Recording and current contacts with the Tax Authorities, including income tax, value added tax and Nation al insurance.