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The Firm’s Auditing Department provides auditing services to private companies, not-for-profit organizations of all types and sizes in the economy, and particularly in the fields of retailing, engineering, high-tech and others.

Our perception of the work of auditing on the financial position of a business requires a deep understanding of the business and its operations, the characteristics of its business environment and a thorough understanding of its managers and shareholders, prior to performing the work. In addition, we believe when performing an audit, the auditor must have a thorough understanding of the business, an analytical ability and common sense.

The Auditing Department works under these concepts and provides considerable know-how and experience accumulated over the years, together with business and financial expertise. The partners are involved in all key stages of the audit process, and this in order to ensure that the team reaches the correct conclusions.

We specialize in generally accepted accounting principles in Israel (Israeli GAAP) and we are able to perform all types of audit work in accordance with any of the foreign and/or international standards, as requested by the client.