-About the Firm-

The Firm leads in providing quality and rapid service to its clients, based on personal contacts with a thorough and sincere knowledge of our client and his/her needs.

The Firm specializes in providing bookkeeping and auditing services, payroll accounting, tax consulting, business and strategy consulting for businesses, companies, not for profits organizations and individuals, in Israel and abroad.

In addition, the Firm specializes in maximizing utilization of the tax benefits for new immigrants to Israel and returning residents, including correct and optimal tax planning for anyone arriving in Israel with an existing business abroad.

Together with assisitng new immigrants and returning residents to Israel, our Firm provides the best relocation consulting to anyone who moves from Israel to anywhere abroad, in order to reduce tax exposures and to prevent possible tax accidents connected with discontinuing residency.

We believe that in order to provide the highest quality and best service to a client, we need a skilled and experienced team of employees, and we invest considerable efforts and resources in our employees, both from the professional and the social aspects.

The Firm’s clients represent a wide range of branches in business fields, spread throughout the country and the world in various and varied branches such as industry, commerce, retail businesses, engineering, high-tech, associations, not for profit organizations, and more.